Intergistic Solutions Tools & Methodologies

Effective. Efficient. Best In Class.

At Intergistic Solutions, a key part of the value we bring to our clients is our extensive portfolio of tools and methodologies. We first seek to thoroughly understand the specific needs of our clients. Next, we integrate the appropriate tools and methodologies to meet each client’s needs in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our portfolio of services includes:

Strategic Planning

  • Virtual CEO™ Integrated Assessment and Action Planning
  • Virtual CEO™ Customer Service Assessment
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy Development
  • New Company/Product Launch Planning

Organizational Development

  • Side by Side® Organizational Leadership
  • Virtual CEO™ HR Climate Plus
  • Organization Design
  • Determining Spans of Control
  • Impact Analysis
  • Strategic Staffing & Human Resource Planning
  • Organizational Culture & Style Analysis
  • Attrition Cost Analysis
  • Core Competency Identification


  • Insights Discovery System (for individuals, teams, and organizations)
  • Side by Side® Personal, Interpersonal, Knowledge and Team Leadership
  • Team Effectiveness Assessment
  • 360-Degree Feedback Survey
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument