Our Approach To Helping Organizations Close the Performance Gap

About Our Approach & Methodology

At Intergistic Solutions, we utilize a proven methodology to create opportunities for maximum impact and success, whether we’re working with an organization or an individual. This approach follows a four-step process:

  • Conduct assessment
  • Create solutions
  • Facilitate implementation
  • Measure results

An initial assessment provides a baseline of your current situation and answers many vital questions, including: “Where are we now?” From this assessment, we gain data on perceptions regarding the direction and performance of an organization or individual.

Using the results from an assessment, as well as input and prioritization of other critical issues from our clients, Intergistic Solutions recommends targeted solutions for areas needing improvement.

The implementation process is based on each client’s unique needs, and facilitated through the execution of targeted action plans. Activities may include aligning resources, synthesizing roles and responsibilities, clarifying accountability, or improving individual and team performance.

The final step of our approach establishes clear measurements for the success of programs and actions. This includes the development of metrics, communication of progress, and encouraging feedback.

With the combined knowledge and skills of Intergistic Solutions’ partners, our firm has experience in virtually every function and discipline. Intergistic Solutions provides an opportunity to work with individuals whose business experience and knowledge can be applied in ways that identify the best solutions for implementation.